Howdy all. As I did promise the coming of my next game, as reality has proven work and interest just don't mix well, especially when time is also heavily involved as well.
I'm including a quick screen-shot of a completed portion of the game.
In this case, it's a character selection screen! Why would I have that? Keep your fingers crossed as V1.0 is ever closer to completion.

A teaser for the coming one...

Back to work?!

2009-09-29 15:35:36 by conquer001

Phew! My new job certainly takes a lot more time out of me then I expected. Nevertheless, I'm feeling a bit more competent in my new line right now and can start to focus on continuing working on my game.

Major Breakdown!

2009-09-08 08:45:02 by conquer001

Nah, don't worry. I'm not going crazy.

However, the project did take another nose-dive and it'll seem like it's gonna be much longer before the full-version is out. Note that I mentioned "Full-version". What does it mean?

Well, when I'm able to roll out the game, it'll be a V1.0. The final version will be a V2.0.

Don't worry if all these doesn't make sense. Just be sure to give this game a try when the V1.0 is out.

A willing distraction...

2009-08-30 02:47:57 by conquer001

As some of you might have known, Dissidia for the PSP being recently released proved too much of a distraction for me, thus I shamelessly admit that I have not been consistently working on my new game as I have promised. Still, it is by no means that the project is coming to a halt. Another excuse I could come up with is because of my work commitments. A new one to be more precise, which requires a pretty high level of competency, which I an ashamed to say that I amhaving trouble with. Then again, life's not a bed of roses so I can't complain. Oh, and for quick update, a very close friend of mine will be assisting me in the fields of graphics. expect to see more colours and details this time. Hee hee!

Yes! Flash is UP and RUNNING!

2009-08-18 09:23:20 by conquer001

Finally! The software's up and running and I can resume back the production of the game. So far, the overall interface is looking pretty good, if I might say so myself.

Anyways, the 2nd game is finally back in the works and I've managed to enlist a very close friend of mine to help me out a little in the graphics department.

Technical break-down?! Urgh!

2009-08-16 09:58:57 by conquer001

You read it right. In the midst of upgrading my system the software were rendered unusable and now I'm left in a bit of a pickle here.
This will in turn no doubt put a wrench in the works as I've just finished with the title screen and it's basic interface.

So, till there's improvement on my side, it'll be unfortunately on hold. However, I will do my utmost best to get things up and running ASAP.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Plans of 2nd game in progress

2009-08-10 12:16:09 by conquer001

Greetings friends!

As the title suggests, I am currently in the midst of planning the next Flash game. As you all might have surmised, yes, it will be a Point-and-Click genre as well. In fact, the game in-question will be a continuation or sequel, if you will, to the pioneer "Time - 7 Minutes".

Unfortunately, any prior details regarding the schematics of the game is still currently not set in stone, save for one small information; the name of the game.

Brace yourself, it might sound cheesy to you... ... ... "Time II - 7 Minutes More".

Other than the secrecy and the reveal of the title name, I can promise you that more effort will be done in terms of graphics, as well as the overall gameplay. In fact, I will be implementing several new features to the game and thus, it might take a tad longer than I expect the project will consume, not to mention the fact that I got a real job out there to take care of too.

Gotta feed my stomach, you know?

Well, till then, do look forward to the next game. ;-)

Conquer001's Flash Game Blogspot is UP!

2009-08-09 14:44:59 by conquer001

As the subject says, I've just made it and it's up-and-running!
You can click on my website link in my profile, or you can check out http://conquer001flashgames.blogspot.c om/

My FIRST Game! Yay!

2009-08-09 10:45:21 by conquer001

I'm so glad I've managed to complete my first game in about 2 weeks, I think.
I have plans to continue the "Time" series but I would wanna see how's the response is for my first title first. :)

My FIRST Game! Yay!

1st Flash game in production!

2009-07-30 13:48:00 by conquer001

As the subject mentions, a simple point-and-click game is in the works and hopefully, I can get it done before 7th of August. Then again, hiccups might happen so keep your fingers crossed.
I'll probably be expecting quite a bit of negative remarks when the game's published since the graphics ain't that great; drew them from scratch within Flash with just a mouse.
Well, hopefully the progress grows with each creation.